Tomb Raider Movie Review

When I saw the trailer of this movie I wanted to see it. I had liked Angelina’s Tomb Raider. Alicia Vikander does pretty good job as Lara Croft.


I Should say that I wasn’t disappointed. Some of the action scenes are breath taking. The father and daughter’s relationship was really touching in this action packed movie.Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) won’t sign papers giving her control of her father’s (Dominic West as Richard Croft) estate and businesses as she doesn’t want to believe he is dead after 7-yrs of his leaving. She finds her father’s notes regarding a Japanese island that housed a mythical sorceress Himiko with whom he hoped would help him reunite with his deceased wife. Lara sets out to find what happened to him.

I don’t recall Angelina’s Tomb Raider much, so I am not in a position to compare this one with it. However, I would like to see Angelina’s Tomb Raider once again.

I felt CGI has been done well. Like the one in which Lara tries to survive the fall into the wild river, hanging on to an old plane just above the river or even the ocean storms. It was entertaining and I liked Alicia as the new Lara.

Hoping to see a sequel soon.



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