Irumbu Thirai Tamil Movie Review

It means “Iron curtain” when translated from Tamil to English. I haven’t seen many movies of Vishal, but have liked him in the few movies that I have watched so far.


This one is a well done cat and mouse game between Vishal who plays a military major and Arjun who plays an expert hacker. However, I feel the anger management episode which introduces our hero Vishal to heroine Samantha could have been avoided, as it seems like lifted straight from Maayavan. It is good that this thriller doesn’t have romantic track which includes romantic songs which in turn would have unnecessarily extended the run time of the movie. I felt at least 45 minutes of the movie could have been cut short to make it more effective.

To make a hero powerful we need a equally menacing and powerful villain, Arjun Sarja fits in perfectly like Arvind Swamy in Thani oruvan. However, a lot of time is lost in bringing his face to the silver screen. Nowadays, it is becoming a cliché to include a twist or a bang at the interval point. Here too Arjun makes his physical appearance post interval, until then it is his voice that sends chill down the spine.

This seems to be first movie to voice against Digital India. Agreed, nowadays smartphone has become a lifeline for human. Thus, if someone hacks it then everything could be lost. Also most of us keep minute to update on social media like Facebook which is like giving away key information on platter to someone who is looking for it, so that they could take disadvantage of the same.

Someone in the movie even quotes “Get rid of your smartphone to be safe.” Well, we can’t do without it. Also as technology is advancing so are smart hackers who can hack into our individual lives and turn it upside down within moments. This movie is really strong on conveying that message very effectively. No doubt, why Vishal himself produced this movie as the script was a solid one.

The lift scene where Arjuna and Vishal meet is a classic one. All in all, a very nice movie that keeps you on the edge most of the time when Vishal and Arjun come in contact over the phone or in person. Wonderful screen play and direction by Mithran, which is backed by solid performances by Vishal and Arjun. Cinematography by George C Williams gives the movie Hollywood feel. Also the background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja adds to the technical brilliance.

Yes, the movie could have been short as the concept itself was wonderful. This concept would have worked even without anger management sessions.

My rating is 3.5/5. Recommended.





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