October (2018) Hindi Movie Review

It is not quite often you get to see such a movie like October coming from Bollywood. Then it is not a love story, but a story with which you could fall in love. Also it is not for everyone who seek entertainment in movies. This one goes on a slow track and imitates life, but if you hang on till the end then you might not regret it, as it would stay on your mind for quite a while after you complete watching the movie.

I had seen Varun Dhawan’s better performance in Badlapur. Now, this movie takes it many notches above that. It is one of his best performances so far. On the other hand, Banita Sandhu doesn’t get much scope to emote. It is her beautiful eyes that emotes. Your heart goes out for her.


I have liked Shoojit Sircar’s movies which I have seen so far. The  cinematography captures Delhi city in such beautiful and serene manner that you wouldn’t have seen it, maybe. It is a visual delight. Gitanjali Rao as Banita’s mother is excellent. The movie is about HOPE and not the kind of love you get to see in regular Bollywood movies.

This movie works mainly because it is realistic though it has clichés. It will touch you deeply and even change how you perceive life. As I said in the beginning, this one is not for everyone, you need patience to sit through movies like this one.

I re-watched the beginning part of the movie just to see Banita being normal. My rating is 4.5/5




3 thoughts on “October (2018) Hindi Movie Review

  1. And i did. As u told Varun in his finest ever performance till date.. this movie touched my heart and i pretty much ended watching it again just for Varun’s acting and the beautiful emoting scenes in the movie.


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