Mahanati Telugu Movie Review

I had liked Nag Ashwin’s first movie Yevade Subramanyam and felt that this new director had potential to do great things. Nag has just proved that with Mahanati. It was mesmerising to see Keerthy Suresh literally transform into the great actress Savitri, and brings that actress to life for nearly three hours on screen. It is surely one of the best tributes to the legend called “Mahanati”.


Dulquer Salman is excellent as Gemini Ganeshan. The concept of adding characters of Samantha as reporter in search of Mahanati Savitri’s life story and Vijay Deverakonda as the photographer helping her is truly brilliant.  They both shine too, though their roles are limited.

Technically, the movie is brilliant as it takes one back in time to the days when Savitri was a little girl. It is not easy to make biopics. Especially, about a great actress like Savitri. The film covers Savitri’s entire life from her childhood days to the tragic end. Savitri’s life becomes so tragic towards the end that it is almost like the Devdas character from the movie Devdas which had shot her to the fame. Keerthy is brilliant as Savitri in the movie. This is the best role any actress could dream of in their life time. Maybe, Keerthy was born to play this role.

I have liked Mickey J, Mayer’s music and background score in some of Sekar Kammula’s movies. In this movie, his music and background score becomes the soul of the movie.

I also feel that this movie came at the right time when the new generation doesn’t know much about this actress. It is nice that people are going back and watching movies of Mahanati Savitri. I had seen Mayabazar in colour for the first in my life recently and loved it. I had seen some of Savitri’s classic movies like Gundamma Katha, Missamma and some other movies.

Mahanati Savitri is a legend who lives on forever in the movies she had acted which can be re-watched anytime. My rating is 4/5.


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