At The Knife Point

A Short Story

Jessica opened the door opposite to that of the driver’s seat of her car to keep her things. She felt a sharp object against her back. She thought it should be a knife.

“Get in!” He whispered into her ear.

They got into her car and she started driving. Her heart started beating fast. She was sweating as she saw his reflection in the mirror.

“Who are you ? What do you want?” She asked scared.

“You will know soon.” He said, flashing his sharp knife through the light of the vehicles passing in the opposite direction. ” You should have read about me in the newspapers. I’m that killer!”

“The serial killer who took sixteen innocent lives?” She asked, interrupting him. Now her heart was pounding.

“Yes, but, they got the figure wrong.” He said, grinning at her through the mirror.

“Wrong?” She asked.

“Yes, they only recovered sixteen bodies so far.” He said.

This sent a chill down her spine. Now things started becoming clear to her. She was his next victim. He would surely rape and kill her mercilessly, if she didn’t think something fast….There should be a way! she thought.. there should be!.

She had a glance in the mirror and saw something. It was her only way out of this. So she slammed her foot on the accelerator. The car leaped forward and raced. The knife which he was holding slipped and feel down, he bent down to pick it up. She applied sudden brakes and his head hit hard in the front. He got up annoyed with the knife in his hand. He saw a cop standing at his window.

“What’s up? Why were you racing like that?” asked the cop, looking at her. “And what the hell are you doing with that knife in your hand?”

“I..I..was cutting an apple.” He replied.

“No. He is lying. He is the serial killer you are looking for and he kidnapped me.” She cried.

“Mister, I see no apple in your hand. Now hand over that knife to me and step out of the car!” cried the cop, pointing his loaded gun at him.

“Trust me! I’m not a serial killer! I was only trying to impress her for a role in her forthcoming movie. That’s all!” He cried, stepping out of the car.

“Movie?” asked the cop, handcuffing him.

“Yes, she is the famous Hollywood director Jessica Parker.” He said.

“No. He is lying to escape.” She cried.

“Are you Jessica Parker?” asked the cop, looking at her.

“Yes, so?” She said.

“So he has pre-planned it.” Said the cop, opening the door of his car and pushing him inside.

“Ma’am, It’s a pleasure meeting you. You can carry on after signing your autograph for me.” He said, handing here pen and paper.

“Thanks..” She said, signing and handing it back to him.

She started driving in an isolated path. She bent down to pick a cassette and placed it in her deck and was about to switch it on. When she felt a knife on her neck, and found a hand holding it. She saw the shadow seated behind her.

“Who are you?” She asked in a choked voice.

“I’m the real one about whom you were talking sometime back.” He said.

“I’ll give you whatever you want. Please let me go.” She pleaded.

“I want you!” He said, grinning at her. She saw his teeth in the mirror and he looked terrifying to her. The knife went down between the buttons of her shirt. He held the top button of her shirt, and ripped it with his knife.

“I collect mementoes from my victims.” He grinned placing the button in his shirt pocket.

This sent a chill down her spine. Her heart was pounding once again. She wanted to get away some how..this was the second time.Would she be lucky this time too…she started thinking fast.

“Thinking of a way to get away from me?” He asked her, as though reading her mind.

“” She said.

He pulled the front seat next to her back and came forward. He sat in that seat and turned back to pull back his seat. Suddenly, she slammed her foot on the accelerator, opened the door and jumped out. The car lost control, went and hit a huge tree on the side of the road.

She wanted to check whether he was dead or not? So she slowly started walking towards her car. The front side of her car was smashed very badly. He was bleeding from his head. She slowly moved her hand through the window to feel his pulse. Suddenly, he caught her hand firmly. She cried aloud scared.

“Cut!” cried someone.

He stepped out of the car and smiled at her.

” Can I keep this?” He asked, showing here the button.

She smiled back at him.

The director cried. “Excellent! Pack up!”


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