Love at first sight

A Short Story

“Look at her ! She is so gorgeous !” said Shaker.

“Who are you talking about~ ?” asked Anil, looking around in the restaurant.

“That lady over there!” He said.

“Do you mean that old lady who is sipping her cup of coffee or tea~ ?” asked Anil.

“Are you blind or what~? I am talking about that young lady behind that old woman.” He said.

“Oh! I see! well, I think she is looking at you now.” He said.

“Really~? I think I have fallen in love with her.” Shaker said.

“So soon~ ? You know nothing about her. Whether she is single or married~?” said Anil.

“Love is blind, my friend.” Shaker said.” Is she still looking at me~?”

“Yes. Do you think~?”

“That she too has fallen in love with me.” Shaker said.

“It would be better if you go and ask for yourself.” Anil said.

“And know how hard she can slap me!” He said.

“At least that slap will remind you not to fall in love at first sight with another beautiful girl!” He teased.

“Come on, stop kidding and tell me what should I do~?”

“Simple, go and propose to her.”


“Alternatively. Wait for her to make the first move.”

“That would be better.”

“Well, then come with me.”

“Where to~?”

“If at all she loves you then she will follow you.”


They went to the bus stand and waited for the bus to come. Shaker saw her standing in the opposite bus stand.

“Hey! Look there!” Shaker said.

“I Know! I know!” said Anil. “I am going to catch the next bus that comes and go. I shall call you later to know what happened~?”

“You are going to ditch your best friend when he needs you~?”

“Not really. I think she will not make the first move in my presence. All the best!” Anil said getting into the bus and leaving.

She kept staring at him. Then three buses came one after other. He couldn’t see her. He closed his eyes and prayed that she should not leave in one of the buses. He opened his eyes, the buses were gone. She too had vanished. He felt sad. He turned and saw her standing next to him.

“Your name is Shaker~?” She asked.


“Your date of birth is 26th Jan.”


“You are 5.9″ and your address is #25, 1st Cross, Girinagar, Bangalore.”

“Yes. How do you know all this~?”

“Well, you forgot to take your dairy while leaving the restaurant.” She said, handing it to him, with a smile on her face.

“Thanks. I thought otherwise.”

“That it is love at first sight~?”


“Just forget it! Bye!” She said, leaving.

His phone started ringing.

“Hi! Shaker, what happened~?”

“Nothing special. She came and returned my dairy which I had left in the restaurant.” He said.


“I’m not able to forget her.”

“Well, all love stories don’t have happy endings, isn’t it~?” He asked.

“I think I know her well.”

“You think you know her well~? Are you kidding~?”

“No, I’m serious!”

“Then why didn’t you tell me then~?”

“Well, I just couldn’t.”

“How do you know her~?”

“Well, she is my little sister Preeti. She just called me and said…”

“You Idiot! what did she tell you~?”

“That she too has fallen in love at first sight with you!”

“No. Just see in the bus stand opposite to you. She is waiting for you.”

“Yes.I see her.”

“Then have a nice time! I wouldn’t have found a better person than you for her.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

“You’re welcome.”


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