Solo -It’s sweeter to be so….

A Short Story 

Rahul was writing the poem “Solo Life” sitting on the sand near the beach. It was cool and tranquil in this part of the beach. Not many people came here. That was the reason why he liked this spot a lot. Tomy, his pet dog sat next to him, wagging his tail.

Solo life is the best/ You’ll have no one to nag/ If you work hard or rest/ You can get out of the bed on either side/ You can enjoy nature’s beauty on a horse ride/ You can bring home a dog, and make him your best friend/ You can go for a walk even if there is fog/ You can cook or eat out/ You can enjoy a book while sailing in a boat/ You need not tell someone lies or pretend/ You will have endless freedom till the very end.

Rahul noticed a slight movement near his feet and bent down to see what it was. It was a small green turtle moving over the sand. He loved turtles as a kid. In fact, he wanted to have one at his home, but never got one. It brought a smile to his face. Tomy looked at him, started wagging his tail in joy. Rahul watched the turtle until it disappeared along with the waves of the sea.

Rahul gently moved his fingers on Tomy, which he liked a lot. The evening breeze ruffled a clump of beach grass beside him. He heard some noise, he looked up. He saw some fishermen returning after a fishing trip in their boat. He watched keenly as they leaped out of the boat and hauled it high up on the beach. They took out baskets full of silvery fish, crabs, etc. Soon the fishermen went away and the beach was abandoned once again.

The sun started to set in the distant horizon. When he was young he thought maybe the sun went down into the sea. He got the answer in the science class later.

A young girl came jogging along a dog from one end of the beach. Her dog stopped near his dog, so she too stopped. She sat next to his dog on the sand.

“Nice dog!” She said smiling at him, taking in some breathe “What’s his name?”

“Tomy” He said smiling back at her.

“Mine is Tracy!” She said “I usually come for jogging in the other side of the beach. Today I thought to come here.” He only smiled at her hearing this.

“My name is Neha.” She said extending her hand to him.

“Rahul.” He said shaking her hand.

They started talking to each other. They both realized that they had many similarities between them. They loved their solo life a lot .It gave them a lot of freedom to do other things. Neha read the poem which he just written and liked it. They decided to meet in the same spot the next evening too.

Rahul remembered what his good friend Shiva had said during their college days, “Stay 13 meters away from an electric pole and also a girl. The first one kills you immediately, the other one slowly”. This brought a smile on his face.

“Stay away from girls and electric poles!” He said aloud looking at Tomy. Just then a young girl passed from other direction, she had a frown on her face.

Rahul had lost his love to someone else and also resigned his job. Someone else would have suffered a lot, but not him. He decided to move on in his life no matter what happens. Also he felt nice to get back his freedom of being ‘Solo’ again. He could do many things, like writing short stories, poems, drawing and painting, etc.

He held his painting exhibition in a local gallery. All his paintings got sold for a good price. He also started writing his new collection of short stories and poetry. One of the publishers came forward to publish his work, which made him happy. Both the collections were sold out and got very good response from the readers/critics as well.

Then one day, in the publisher’s office:-

“Rahul, we have a vacancy for the post of editor in our company. Please let us know if you know someone.” Shankar said.

“How about me?” Rahul asked.

“Well, that would be very nice. Can you wait for some time so that I can give you the offer letter?” Shankar said.

“Sure.” He said. Shankar gave him the offer letter in two copies. Rahul signed and gave back one copy to him.
Rahul was very happy as he got the job which he loved to do. He reached the beach, saw Neha waiting for him.

He gave her the letter inside an envelope.

“Rahul, I know what is inside this envelope.” Neha said smiling at him “By the way, Shankar is my father”

“What?” He said surprised. He realized that she was behind all this.

“Thanks a lot, Neha” He said smiling at her “You never told me?”

“I wanted to surprise you” She said smiling back at him. 


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