The Storyteller Speaks by Annika Perry – Book Review

The Storyteller Speaks is a collection of short stories by Annika Perry. The collection of short stories are both uplifting as well as heart breaking. 


I loved the story “Biding her time” as it took me to the magical world of two lovers, I was so much lost in the story that I felt forced to come out of it into the real world when it ended on a positive note. That is the first story of the book.

I should say that the writing by Annika is mesmerizingly wonderful, poetic and is a beautiful read. The stories are different from each other: some are dark while some are light hearted. However, the best thing about these stories are that they have deep emotions of ordinary people as they go through various human feelings. The readers feel connected to these wonderful stories while reading them. The first and the last story are my favourite stories of the book.

I highly recommend this book to all those who love reading short stories, as each story is well written bringing characters to life, surely these powerful stories do win your heart. The book is available on as paperback which would cost Rs.661+Rs.90 shipping charges and Kindle edition ebook would cost Rs.241. Here is the link..




7 thoughts on “The Storyteller Speaks by Annika Perry – Book Review

  1. Wow!! 😀😀 A truly wonderful start to my day and I am overjoyed that you enjoyed my book. Thank you so much for reviewing my book … this is wonderful and it means so much to me. I had to smile at how you did not want to leave the first story and return to the real world … I am giving a talk at a school this morning and I mention that this feeling of a reader becoming lost in my stories is exactly what I hoped to achieve with my writing. I’m over the moon this happened when you read my book! Many thanks again. 🌺


  2. Good Morning Vasu! I wonder if you can help me? I recently sold an ebook to India and I wonder if this is you? If so, I’d like your help for lady in India who has contacted me and is keen to read my book but can’t find it on How did you manage to buy my book.! Many thanks in advance. Annika


    1. Good Morning, Annika! Sure, I would help you. Yes, it was me who had bought the ebook in India and I bought it from Amazon Kindle, as I read books on Kindle. Yes, It is not available as paperback edition on It could be purchased from Amazon Kindle Store as ebook and kindle edition price is Rs.241/-. Hope this information helps. Also I would update this info in my review as well. You’re welcome. No need to thank me. Vasu.

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      1. This was perfect for me to find it … although a bit tricky which is not great! Thank you for your help and for updating … I might start putting the link on my blog too for others. Happy Weekend! 😀


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