Supergirl (TV Series) Season 2 & 3

How they killed a promising TV series!

Well, I had liked season 1 of Supergirl TV series. I thought that I had found one good series after the X-files. Sadly, I was proved wrong when I started watching season 2 which became more of love, break up and all that other than Supergirl.


I had to skip all that cheesy moments. What was a good start in season 1 went nose dive in season 2. It turned good to bad.

The Last Children of Krypton

I had liked Alex, who was shown as a strong feminine character in season 1 was reduced to weak woman in love with another woman in season 2. To make matters worse Mon-El was introduced in season 2. Supergirl was shown as his love interest and became side lined in her own series, which is unacceptable. Anyways, I had completed this season and hoped against hope that season 3 could be better, with Mon-El leaving at the end of season 2. The best thing about season 2 was Lex Luthor’s adopted sister Lina Luthor.

Season 3 became worse from bad, with Mon-El returning back. Alex’s break up.And what not? I decided to discontinue watching this series for good. This is a classic example of bad writing and the makers killing a promising series in two seasons. When I rate season one 7.5/10. Season 2 = 5.5/10 and season 3 stands at 1/10.




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