A face in the Dark & other Hauntings Book Review

“That night there was a thunderstorm. My bedroom window kept banging in the wind, I got up to close it and, as I looked out, there was a flash of lighting and I saw that frail body again, swinging from the oak tree..” these are the line from one of the collected stories of the supernatural named “Topaz” by my favourite writer Ruskin Bond.


The book has some 28 short scary stories written by Ruskin Bond over five decades.

The book opens with well known story “A face in the dark”, My two favourites are “Topaz” and “A face in the dark”. These two stories refused to go out of my mind. In fact, these two stories inspired me in writing my own scary short stories.

Well, one story from the book “Susanna’s seven husbands” was adapted and made into a movie named “7 khoon maaf” starring Priyanka Chopra.

“The trouble with jinns” is a story about a jinn who loses one hand, and learns his lesson the hard way. “The daffodil case” has Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

The best thing about these supernatural stories are that they have a feel of natural and therefore, give the reader a feeling of close to reality.

This one happens to be one of my favourite book from Ruskin Bond.



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