Supergirl (TV Series) Season-1 Review

I completed watching season one in two nights and felt it was very much entertaining. I liked Melissa Benoist who played Super Girl/Kara Danvers.


Also liked each one of the main characters in the series. I felt each one did a great job in this series. Well, watching this series I felt that more justice could be done in a series rather than a movie, as movie is like a short story and series like a novel.


The bond of the two sisters Kara and Alex Danvers was truly amazing. I mean the way the two sisters watch out for each other was one of the best thing about this series. Though initially, I was sceptical about James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) inclusion, but I started liking him and his body language later in the series. So many super villains are introduced during each episode of season one that the excitement continued till the last episode of the season. The CGI and action was well done for a TV series. In fact,  my wife got confused and asked me whether I was watching some Hollywood movie? And I had to tell her that it is a TV series and not a movie.

I was eagerly waiting to see Super Girl meet her cousin, but that didn’t happen in this series. There was only reference to Super Man every once in a while. However, the best surprise of this series was Super Girl meeting another super hero from the Justice League : Flash.


That was one of the best episodes of this series. Also I liked Hank Henshaw ( David Harewood). I felt he was one of the best characters of this series along with Alex and James. I love his character as well.

Strange Visitor From Another Planet

All in all, one of the best series I have seen staying awake Saturday night and concluding it on Monday early morning. I would start watching Season 2 soon.

After long time a series that excited me was this one. The best TV series I loved since my childhood days was The X-files. I grew up watching it. I would review it later on.






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