My second publication in Tinkle.

Well, my second publication in Tinkle magazine was not so difficult as first one. The first publication was in 1990, which had taken a lot of effort and the second one happened in 1992.

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Cover Page

I had created a character named “Hamadri” inspired by my cousin “Hemadri” who too lives in a small village and his family has mangroves in and around that village.

My cousin was happy as the character was an intelligent guy.

Here is the comic story “The Haunted Tree”. The story is about how my character tries to outwit a ghost.

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.1

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.2

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Page.3

“The Haunted Tree” was important to me then because it even won me a cash prize for best story and even got me a certificate signed by Uncle Pai (Anant Pai).

Tinkle 2nd Pub-Prize Certificate



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