The Invisible Guardian (Spanish : El guardián invisible (original title)


The Invisible Guardian (Spanish : El guardián invisible (original title) is a 2017 Spanish thriller in which a serial killer is on the loose. The atmosphere of the movie is wonderful and even creepy at times. The inspector who has to confront the present, stop the killer and tame the devils of her past is well played by Marta Etura.Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura), a police inspector in Pamplona, is directed by her superior to investigate a murder. The case concerns a teenage girl whose naked body was found at the side of a river close to Elizondo, Amaia’s birth town, a rainy village surrounded by forests and mounts, full of local myths and ancient superstitions.

Soon, it is found out that a serial killer is behind this ritualistic killing. The movie goes forward holding one’s interest till the end. You feel for Amaia Salazar’s character who had a troublesome childhood. Infact, her mother had almost tried to kill her then. It was a miracle that she had survived. This one ends up as one best serial killer genre movies. The major plus points are the locations in which this movie has been shot, the main mystery of the plot and the past and the present of lead character have been done well. Warning : The movie has adult content, which includes nude bodies.The major minus point is that this one is a slow burner and it takes time to unfold. Those who are expecting a fast paced thriller would be disappointed.My rating is 7.5/10. It is worth watching!



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