Cold Blood (Detective Erika Foster #5)


Erika Foster is one of my fav characters and this series is my second best. I liked this one. The insight into Erika’s past was good. I felt happy that she had rejected her promotion so that she could keep doing what keeps her ticking in life, solving murders and putting bad people behind. Also the series might not have continued if she had gone for that promotion. You start feeling for her and her choices in her life. She is alone and lonely…with not a bright future. The best things about this series is that the books are fast pacing and you can’t put them down until you complete them. Robert Bryndza has become one of the best crime thriller writers mainly for his consistency in writing one better book after another. This is book#5 and I am eagerly waiting for the next one to come.

This time around, we have a suitcase containing a body, that has washed ashore on the river Thames. The body has been badly beaten and dismembered which makes ID particularly difficult to achieve. When a further body is discovered a few weeks later in exactly the same manner, the investigation begins.

As usual, I loved the investigations and forensics in this book. My rating is 3.5/5



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