Broken Bones (D.I. Kim Stone, #7) By Angela Marsons


By now, D.I.Kim Stone has become my fav character along with Bryant and Angela Marsons one of my fav crime thriller writers. This book was a fast page turner and I completed it pretty fast. This is surely an outstanding series that I had come across sometime back. The best thing about this book is that Kim’s team is back together and they surely rock! The story is well written with nice twists and turns here and there to keep the reader guessing till the end. Broken Bones is the 7th book in the D.I Kim Stone series. I have read and loved them all and this one doesnt disappoint a bit. The magic of Angela’s writing is such that once you start reading her books you’re hooked and you can’t keep the book down. the curiosity makes you to read further, even skipping your sleep. That’s what happened to me on this Sunday night…I kept reading and reading…just a little more…some more and by the time my eyes started to feel tired it was 4am. Now, I am waiting for the next book to come. My rating is 4.5/5.




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