The Toy Train Journey…

We reached the Coimbatore railway station almost half an hour late and had to catch a taxi to Mettupalyam, so that we don’t miss the toy train which would leave by 7.15 am or so. It proved to be the right decision, if we had come by bus then we would have certainly missed the toy train. We had enough time to have a hot cup of coffee in the railway station canteen.The train left the Mettupalyam station at 7.30 am. 


This train journey covered about 46 kms in about 5 hours journey passing through Hilligrove, Coonoor, Wellington, Aravankadu, Keeti, Lovedale stations and finally ends at Udagamandalam or Ooty at about 12 noon. 


The train had passed through jungle…some elephants crossed the track. We were lucky to take the picture of a langur.


The climate became cooler as the train started to ascend the mountains. The strange thing was that the train was pushing the carriages from behind. It was wonderful to witness the train passing through the dark tunnels. We even saw some small waterfalls on the way. We even witnessed a peacock dance, spreading its feathers.

People used to shout in joy whenever the train went through the dark tunnel.

Steam engine was stopping after every one hour of journey to take water in small stations during its journey of 19Km up to Coonoor. At Coonoor steam engine was replaced with a diesel engine for the last part of the journey ending at Ooty.


We saw the tea gardens; valleys with pine trees through open window of the compartments.


During five hours of journey the train has passed through 16 tunnels and 250 bridges.


I would like to mention that this is once in life time experience…one should experience it once to cherish the joy for a life time.


One should note that the compartments of this train doesnt have any toilets.

The train tickets can be booked well in advance through IRCTC website.


Indian Railway Station Codes










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